We celebrate January 1st as the start of a new year, but we don't know when or where this day originated. Let's find out why we celebrate the new year.

The beginning of the new year began about 4000 years ago in a place called Babylon. Since then, it has been observed on January 1st.

The new year is based on the Gregorian calendar; the calendar used today consists of months from January to December. which is still available today.

The new year has its origins in the Roman calendar. This time the new year of the n the Roman calendar. This time the new year of the Roman-Palestinian calendar begins on March 1.

The smart Julius Caesar of Rome changed this calendar in 46 BC. Following his nephew, he added the months of July and August.

Since then, January 1 has been observed as New Year's Day for the first time in history. In the same way that different cultures have their own calendars and their own new years, every country in the world celebrates the new year in different ways.

According to the English calendar, there are 12 months in a year, which starts on the 1st day of January. This day is celebrated as the New Year.

The new year is celebrated in many parts of India, as it is in the rest of the world. In this way, Happy New Year is celebrated in India to share happiness and to mark the beginning of a new year.