The star forward Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned for two matches and fined 50K Euros for his actions.

The star forward left the game visibly upset about the result and  smashed the teenager's phone on the way out.

Everton's young supporter was reportedly diagnosed with dyslexia and autism after United's 0-1 win over Everton. 

The 37-year-old was suspended for two matches and fined £50,000 for damaging a teenager's phone in April 2022.

According to the boy's mother, his phone screen was smashed and left with injured hands.

Ronaldo was cautioned  by the police in August and subsequently banned by the FA for inappropriate behaviour.

Many people criticized his immature behavior including famous people in the football community.

The English Football Association (FA) has defended the Portuguese captain over an earlier incident involving a young Everton fan. This incident happened in April 2022.

The star forward Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have reached an agreement to terminate his contract.

Manchester United have released a statement confirming that Ronaldo's contract has been terminated.