Salman Khan kisses his  ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani at his birthday party.

His ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani also appeared at Salman Khan's birthday party, and the closeness between the two was seen increasing.

Salman and Sangeeta's relationship is being linked for a long time. Sangeeta is also seen with Salman on the superstar's 57th birthday.

Salman Khan comes to drop his ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani outside till the car.

And then Salman is clearly seen hugging Sangeeta and kissing her on the forehead.

Seeing these pictures, everyone is guessing whether Salman Khan has once again fallen in love with Sangeeta Bijlani.

It has become a buzz everywhere that maybe Salman Khan has fallen in love with Sangeeta Bijlani again.

This is not the first time that Salman and Sangeeta have been seen together. Even before this, Salman and Sangeeta have been seen together many times.

Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani were once considered to be the most popular couple in Bollywood. And their relationship lasted for about 10 years.

Salman Khan revealed on Karan Johar's show that he was about to marry Sangeeta Bijlani and had even ordered wedding invitations. 

Due to the growing closeness of Salman and Somi Ali, there was a breakup of Salman and Sangeeta.