Qatar invites radical Islamic preacher and Indian fugitive Zakir Naik to preach Islam at FIFA World Cup

Zakir Naik has been living in exile in Malaysia since 2017, as a runaway fugitive.

Even though Naik has permanent residency in Malaysia, he was banned from giving speeches in the country in 2020 in the interests of “national security”.

he has faces charges of money laundering and hate speech in India.

Zakir Naik is one of India's most wanted fugitives and is facing multiple charges like money laundering and terror-related activities.

Zakir Naik shot to fame during the 1990s over his activities of dawah -proselytising for Islam -through his Mumbai-based Islamic Research Foundation (IRF). 

India banned IRF in 2016 and charged Naik with encouraging its followers to promote or attempt to promote feelings of enmity and hatred among various religious communities and groups.

By early 2000s, his videos had become the subject of debate as he attempted to establish the superiority of Islam over other religions. His supporters called him an expert on comparative religion.