Larissa Pacheco stunned Kayla Harrison to win the PFL lightweight title.

The Brazilian slugger becomes the first to beat Harrison after a tough five-round fight in the PFL World Championship.

Kayla Harrison lost the million dollar prize for winning the PFL 2022 tournament when she was defeated by Brazilian Larissa Pacheco.

Kayla Harrison's undefeated MMA record was broken as she suffered a shock decision over Larissa Pacheco in the Women's Professional League.

Brazil's Pacheco scored a surprise victory over Harrison, the two-time US Olympic Judo champion, after a five-round battle to win the PFL lightweight title and the million-dollar prize at Madison Square Garden .

Pacheco, whom Harrison has beaten twice before, was knocked down in the first round but was successful in his high-profile fight in the second.

A triangle choke briefly confused Harrison in the third, while Pacheco attempted a back choke in the fourth to show his threat on the ground.

When Pacheco received a championship belt and over a million dollar check, he credited his opponent with playing a role in getting him to where he is now in his career.

"Like Kayla said before: I make her a better competitor," Pacheco said through an interpreter. "Well, it makes me a better competitor. It's driven me this time."