Lamar Jackson, the star quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, has reportedly asked for a trade from the team.

Jackson's request was announced during NFL owners' meetings held in Florida.

It's unclear exactly what caused Jackson's decision. However, there are reports of tensions between Jackson and the Head Coach John Harbaugh.

Jackson is considered one of the best quarterbacks in the league.He was awarded the MVP for the league in 2019 and led Ravens Ravens toward the playoffs thrice in the last three seasons.

If Jackson were to be sold, this would have enormous consequences for Ravens Ravens and the entire league.

Potential trading partners for Ravens Ravens include teams such as The Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Washington Football Team.

Jackson's departure will leave an enormous gap in the Raven's offense since Jackson has been the team's leading player since joining the team in the year 2018.

Jackson's departure will also affect the entire league and could alter an imbalance of power and spawning new stories and rivalries.

The situation surrounding Jackson is still in flux It is yet to be determined what the Ravens react to Jackson's situation.

Whatever the outcome, Jackson will continue to be among the most dynamic and thrilling gamers in this game.

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