Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most famous serial killers during the early 20th century.

He killed at about 17 teenage men and boys, most of whom he been enticed into his residence under the pretense of offering them alcohol or other drugs.

Dahmer dismembered and occasionally killed his victims and kept the body parts of his victims as a memento.

He was finally found guilty and sentenced for his crime in 1992 being sentenced for life prison.

Dahmer's early years were marked by a conflicting connection to his father, as well as fascination with dead animals.

He later attributed his crime to the desire to be with someone else and a fear of being abandoned.

Dahmer's trial received a lot of media attention and provoked discussion about issues like mental disease and death penalty.

He was brutally killed by a prisoner in 1994, aged of 34.

Dahmer's crimes remain the subject of many books, documentaries, as well as films.

His murder remains an example of one the more well-known and disturbing mass murders of the past in American history.