Charles Sobhraj, the Frenchman known to the world as the "bikini killer," has been released after 20 years.

Two decade

This happened after the Supreme Court of Nepal granted him 15 days to be released and sent back to France.

judicial review

The Supreme Court ruled that, as a human right, inmates over the age of 65 should be granted a 25% exemption from prison sentences.

humanitarian field

One of Charles Sobhraj's murders dates back to 1975, when he killed US citizen Connie Jo Bronzich in Kathmandu.


During his lifetime, Charles is said to have killed around 15-20 people, including several backpackers.

The Count 

Charles killed his victims by drugging them.

modus operandi

Charles is known as the "Bikini Killer" because he is accused of drugging and killing six bikini-clad women on a beach in Pattaya.

bikini killer

Charles also earned the nickname "Serpent" for his numerous escapes from the hands of the police.