If you find yourself in the mood for some change in New Year's, don't be surprised when there are tonnes of tattoos awaiting you in 2023. And you might be inspired to build your own tattoo collection with so many options.

Geometric Fine Line Tattoo

Anything finely outlined or geometric would also be a fun choice for the new year. Think of shapes, designs, lines, and patterns with details.


Water color Tattoo

Watercolor Tattoo are becoming huge thanks to social media. Celebrities and influencers are posting tonnes of colourful abstract watercolour Tattoo designs.


Cultural Tattoo

There will be a huge gravitation towards cultural tattoos that display one's roots. These designs also ensure that you get a super personal tattoo that will never lose its meaning, so you won't regret it in the future.


Painting  Tattoo

Painting tattoos will also be everywhere in 2023. It looks extra pretty with designs like flowers inspired by nature, which really pop when done in coloured ink.


Abstract Tattoo

Abstract tattoos will thank you for looking very creative and unique. In recent years, this style has started to gain popularity as more clients begin to choose tattoos that reflect the art forms they love.


Micro Realism Tattoo

Micro-realism tattoos, which are realism tattoos done on a smaller scale, will remain popular for at least the next 10 years.


Hand-poked  Tattoo

Hand-poked tattoos are also going to be a huge hit, especially among those looking for something simple. Instead of using a machine, the artist holds the needle directly on the skin to create the image.


Surrealism  Tattoo

A combo of ignorant and Surreal Tattoo will also be trendy in 2023. "A surrealist spin seems like the logical next step."


"Ignorant" Style  Tattoo

Many celebs have Ignorant tattoos, from Scarlett Johansson's horseshoe Tattoo to Harry Styles' upper body ink that looks like it's covered in stickers. "Those who like the style come for the context and simplicity, but they also like how different it is from the typical styles you see."